Wedding Touch-Up Services


Wedding Touch-up Services

On your wedding day there are so many things going on. What if you could have your very own personal makeup artist by your side throughout the day to take care of any touch-ups. Not having to worry about tears ruining your makeup or having to reapply lipstick. Or you may like to even change your makeup for your photos after your ceremony! Having your artist accompany you and your bridal party on the day ensures absolute perfection.


Isle Ready (1.5hrs)

Senior artist $195             Master artist $295

Generally, all hair and makeup will be finished 1- 1 ½ hrs before your actual ceremony start time. During this time, your mum or bridal party may shed a tear or 10 and before you know it, your crying too! Have your artist stay with you until your ready to leave for your ceremony to take care of any possible touch-ups


You’re now a Mrs (3hrs)   

Senior artist $295             Master artist $395

Congrats! Your now husband and wife! You have had tears, kisses on cheeks, sweat/oil or worse, the dreaded rain! Or you might like to change your look for your photos by having different lip colour and darker eyes! Have your artist accompany you along to your ceremony. Once your ceremony is finished, your artist will take care of any required touch ups or changes for you and your bridal party.


PREMIUM FULL-DAY BRIDAL PACKAGE (10hrs)                  

Senior artist $1120 (valued at $1265)

Master Artist $1250 (valued at $1465)

For the bride who wants it all! This package is perfect if your concerned about the effect of weather conditions or possible tears/skin problems or if you want to change your makeup from natural to glam for your photos/reception. Having a professional makeup artist by your side for the day guarantees absolute makeup PERFECTION!

This package includes

  • One Bridal Trial Makeup
  • Makeup for up to 6people on the day including lashes
  • Travel to your location (Townsville region)
  • Your makeup artist will then accompany you to your ceremony, right up to the end of your photoshoot (up to 2hrs) to provide you and your bridal party with unlimited touch ups/makeup changes.

*** Please note that the 'Isle Ready" & 'Your Now a Mrs' touch-up packages are additional to the cost of the makeup. The 'Premium Full Day' Package is INCLUSIVE of the makeup, the trial and the touch-up service. Additional people can be added to this package. If you would like your artist to stay longer and accompany you to your reception, additional time is charged per hour. Please contact us for a customised quote.



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